GrandeLASH MD Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer Review

GrandeLASH MD Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer is a revolutionary product form Grande Naturals, LLC. Its been more than 15 years, Grande is delivering amazing beauty products specializing in vitamins.

GrandeLASH™-MD was the brainchild of Alica Grande, who is the owner of Grande. When she was young, she always desired for a solution that will help her getting longer and fuller eyelashes. She worked on three principles: the product had to be safe, it should be easy to use and it should work. Since she worked in beauty industry, she challenged her trusted chemists to create a formula. She tried it on herself and the results were stunning. She just had the perfect product!

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Product Description

GrandLASH MD contains amino acids, vitamins and peptides. It is clinically tested to help you grow back your eyelashes.

How to apply GrandeLASH MD

Before going to bed, wear off any makeup and apply GrandeLASH on your upper lashes and any affected area.