How Fast Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Eyelashes are very important for every woman and because I care a lot about mine and always consider various treatments in order to make them look longer and basically denser, I too was really scared when several of them fell off. I was actually panicked by the fact that I could see a space in my lash line and in my opinion, I thought that looked really bad. However, if you’re in the same situation as I was several weeks back and you’re panicking about it, don’t. There are many things you can do to grow your eyelashes back and have them looking amazing. So how fast do eyelashes grow back? Well, let’s take a look at it, shall we?

Eyelash 101

First of all, you should know that your eyelashes have a more practical use, even though secondarily they are a “beauty” detail to call it such and their use is to protect your eyes from dirt. In many cultures though it seems that having long eyelashes is a sign of femininity and even if you don’t have long eyelashes, there are many options you can consider nowadays to rectify this.

How Long Does It Take To Grow Back?

I also panic every time my eyelashes fall off, but this is a normal cycle and it happens from time to time. Activities like false lashes and pillows, eyelash curlers, heavy mascara; the rigorous wiping of your eyes and makeup removal are all factors that can influence this process.

If you’re worried about them growing back hard, then you shouldn’t, because just like hair, the growth of your eyelashes occurs in cycles, which include a growing and a resting phase. At the end of the resting phase, the hair will fall out, meaning that new hair will soon come out. To give you an average estimate of how fast eyelashes grow back, it’s anywhere from 1 to 6 months. Mine, luckily, grew back in just 6 weeks.


2019’s Best Eyelash Enhancement Products Compared

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Uptown Cosmeceuticals Eyelash Growth Serum

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Taking Care Of Your Lashes

You need to take very good care of your eyelashes if you want them not to fall. That is why you should:

  • Throw out the makeup (eye makeup especially) every 4 to 6 months
  • Try and be gentle with your eyelashes and don’t rub them too hard
  • Use a recommended eyelash enhancement product

How To Get Long Eyelashes?

Even though when I first found out about this, I was like “What, it’s that simple?”, after I applied this tip I was really proven that it doesn’t take too much effort to have great looking eyelashes.

To do that, you have to use makeup remover, but also soap, emu oil, olive oil or even better, eyelash enhancement products, after wearing makeup. Even though you might think you know how to apply makeup, think again, because applying it improperly can make your eyelashes fall off. I mentioned olive oil or emu oil because it’s a natural eyelash conditioner and because your eyelashes are basically hair, they need to be taken care of properly.

With that being said, now you know the answer to the question “how fast do eyelashes grow back” and using these tips you will no longer have to worry about them falling off and not growing back fast. Just make sure you’re diligent like I was and you’ll love how your new eyelashes will look!